Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1

Discover what happened to Amber Ridge.
Available on Steam since 2015.

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follows Amber Ridge as she finds herself broken down on a mountain road. Without any reception and no signs of passers-by, she is forced to walk to the nearest town- Prosperity. A place that knows no God and exists only to make you suffer. Utilize a deadly arsenal of agility, blade-work and gun-play to fend off the darkness that stalks your every movement. Collect EXP through solving puzzles and slaying grotesque creatures in order to upgrade your stats to better suit you survival needs.

Lastest news

So it's been a good 2 years since I released Grave Prosperity: Redux on Steam. We all know the story about the patch gone rogue, the data crash and all that.
But what you didn't know about is the Remake that is now in the works!
That's right! I have had enough people asking for it that I have started work on a direct remake of Grave Prosperity: Redux! The remake will focus on remaining as faithful to Redux as possible, while improving on all the minor technical flaws that held the original back. So combat fixes, movement, animation etc... In fact, in stead of trying to explain it to you, why don't I show you?.

Top rating

This is interesting project, the Dev arent going to finish this game (it had so many bumps since start, that it wasnt mean to be), but it served its purpose, was base for his new project called "House Of Veles", and after playing this game and looking at the new project, you clearly see the improvement and what was preventing this game to go further (more specifically the combat system).
This is still enjoyable game, if you dont mind to play games that end in cliff hanger, i would definatly recommended it, or just look at it was playable demo for what comes next, but keep in mind that House of Veles wont have any combat(at least by dev words) but the dev style is all over the place..


Check how it looks and decide by yourself.

Tech Crunch

I bought it through Gocdkeys. This game is short, and based on dev announcement it is unfinished. So there is no part 2, etc... because the new game patch became another game entitled "City of Amber" and dev abandon this project. Later, Dev gave free key to anyone for limited time and remove the game from store so anyone can't buy this game anymore.
Maybe this is the last review for this game.
Grave Prosperity : Redux - Part 1 is a unique game in my humble opinion. The game is side scrolling hack n slash action game blend with element of horror like Clock Tower, Silent Hill or Resident Evil. Player can play as Amber Ridge, a beautiful chick (which know how to fight especially with machete) that came to Town of Prosperity. In that town, she's trapped in the mansion which become a horrible nightmare for her.
Something that I like in this game is the death scene animation of Amber, it is brilliant thing in this indie games. This thing remind me the protagonist various death from Dead Space games. And I like that. The fight is good, but sometimes it is sloopy and becomes really hard when play it in normal. So easy mode, it is a good start to play this game. Voice acting in this game is good too, sometimes Amber whiny when open the door and it is fun to hear. There save point, that we can save the game and upgrade Amber skill from her exp gained. This RPG element is the good things too.
But, there is something I didn't like too. Like Amber character is too big compared to the background. And there is no way to change the resolution, mapping the key control, menu to quit the game and grainy low resolution background.
As a single person indie games developer, this game is good. Yes, there is flaw that I can forgive. Alas, the game is end too fast become reach it potential. It is a shame. But, I will looked into his next true potential of Grave Prosperity game entitled City of Amber. Maybe the next game will show the true potential of Grave Prosperity.
Well, as a single game, I can't recommendation this game because it is unfinished game. But, if you want a unique good game, this game is for you. So look for the key, because this game is removed from steam store..
Steam - April 7, 2016